A Collection of Collections of Wunderkammers

Voynich Manuscript

Alright, so this manuscript is the BEST. It is dubbed “The Most Mysterious Manuscript of the World”. The Voynich Manuscript (named after the antique booker dealer who discovered the book in 1912) is said to be about alchemy. But we really have no idea because IT MAKES NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. 225 pages of incomprehensible texts and illustrations. A 400 year old elaborate hoax by a Jesuit monk…OR IS IT?

In 1586, Rudolph II paid the modern day equivalent of 14,000 cash monies (300 golden ducats) for a manuscript that amounted to gibberish. 

Rudolph II was this crazy royal who cared more about amassing the dopest collection of oddities than about politics…he kind of caused the 30 year war…but whatever, No big deal. Regardless, because of his eccentric and elcectic ways, his wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) contained a cornucopia of minerals, horns (INCLUDING A UNICORN HORN..narwhal…) leopard claws, tiger teeth, polar bear skins, mandrakes in the shape of crucified Jesus, celestial globes, scientific instruments, over 400 paintings and drawings. Can you imagine at this point in time, the entire world as one knew it could be contained in one room? To the peasants and noblemen alike, they were able to witness the universe held in one space.

The list goes on and on, but right now, I’m pretty much obsessed with the idea that a jesuit monk created a undecipherable text and illustrated manuscript about alchemy. It probably tells us how the Aliens created the pyramids. But we will never know! In the 1960s, Famous World War II code-breakers tried their hand at figuring out what the hell it said, but to no avail. 

Rudolph also collected dwarves and had a regiment of GIANTS in his army. 

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